May 27, 2018

الرئيسية قصصنا خدمات المفوضية من نحن


Talking with Refugees is an UNHCR web site (portal) in Arabic that aims at giving the refugees a voice. The portal is part of the overall UNHCR plan for communication with refugees in Jordan. UNHCR emphasize two way communication and wants to improve access to information for refugees in Jordan. The site is managed by an editor and all contributions are checked before published to be in line with UNHCR policies.

The portal is available in a mobile version.

The portal features a ‘front office’ hosting videos and blog stories from camp as well as out of camp settings in Jordan. Several social media are connected to the site to reinforce outreach and accessibility.

The portals ‘back office’ features the online information tools available for refugee’s communities i.e. contact directories, policy papers links and much more. UNHCR provides this information in conjunction with a wide range of partner organizations.